Notes From Scandinavia

IF you were in one of spring classes, you probably know I was going to Scandinavia this summer. Well, I am about two thirds if the way through my trip.

I decided to post a short note to apologize to any of you who may have left a comment or question during the past three weeks. I will definitly reply just as soon as I return home in a few days.

Also, as you probably suspect, I am taking tons of pictures and videos. I have a very big job when I return home, organizing, documenting, editing, and ultimately sharing these pictures and video clips.

I will be describing how I am going about doing this as do it. I will be posting my progress and steps in a series of posts. This should give you a very good idea just how I approach these tasks. FWIW

Look for my first post on August 22nd.

By the way, I am posting this note using my iPad, so please the typos that may hacve crept in.


3 thoughts on “Notes From Scandinavia

  1. Good Morning Don
    I am glad you have had a good Trip I am looking forward to taken classes with you this Fall, But I am not really sure as to what I should take ?? I was thinking may be the Windows class at torrance as i have just got a new laptop with Windows 7 on it, any way I will sign up for something, Look forward to seeing you



  2. Only 1600 photos, come on you can do better than that. Just kidding! I’m looking forward to see your work flow as my three week trip to the Philippines had 2300+ and took a long time to edit down to what I wanted to save (about 650).


    • Ed, I have learned there is no way I can compete with you on quantity or quality of the pictures I take. But I bet I keep more bad ones than you. After all, I need to provide my students some challenging pictures to work on in class. I’m really good at that.


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