I Redesigned My Websites

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying the summer. In about three weeks I head off for a short backpacking trip. Immediately following my return, I leave for two weeks of touring Scandinavia. I have three main goals for the summer, redesign my website, prepare for the fall classes, and publish an eBook that focuses on the Organizer of Photoshop Elements. Actually, I’m making pretty good progress on all three.

My website has been redesigned and for the most part it is built using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular and flexible blogging and website design programs on the net. This blog has been on WordPress, and you will see little change in its basic layout.

My basic entry page for my websites has been changed. You still get to this Welcome page at www.donstouder.com. However, I do think it looks cleaner.

My two prime websites have been totally redesigned.

My digital photography website is at www.dons-digital-photo-corner.com

The website I maintain for my high school graduating class at Leuzinger, the Class of 1963, remains http://www.donstouder.com/LHS-63/index.htm. However, it is in a state of flux.

As you can see from the Welcome page, there are links to the blogs and the websites.

I urge you to get familiar with Dons-Digital-Photo-Corner. On the left of that page, are links to each school where I teach classes. Right now, they do describe the courses I will be teaching in the fall, but not their days/times yet, except for the South Bay Adult School. As soon as the days/times are available for the other schools, I will add them. Please note that I will be teaching a reworked Photo Projects class that will concentrate on using Microsoft’s Live Photo Gallery and Live Move Maker. Cloud computing is here, and the Live Suite of programs is Microsoft’s entry into this new technology. By the way, I am writing this post with Live Writer.


2 thoughts on “I Redesigned My Websites

  1. Just went through your new site and must say that it is much cleaner and so well organized. We Just got back from the Philippines and a trip to Bodie and Mono Lake. Working on my book of the Philippines and waiting for the Mono Lake/Bodie book to come in the mail. Used shutterfly for it and did not like the program so I’ll probably go back to blurb.com. I have about eight books on blurb now that anyone can preview by typing Ed Fitzgerald in the search box. I might try edition one for the Philippines as one of the people on the trip said it was better than blurb. Going to Cuba in Feb and Ghana in March. Will also go to PSA conference this September.


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