Windows 101 Video Tutorial

This is a test to see how to embed a YouTube video in my blog.

The tutorial is a brief and basic demonstration of using Windows Explorer as implemented in Vista. However, the commands  and screens are almost identical for Windows 7 and very similar to those you see once you are inside Windows Explorer in Windows XP. By no means is it a complete tour of Windows Explorer. However, it should help you quickly review some of the basics dealing with folders and files that you earned in a basic Windows class.

There are actually two videos, Part 1 and Part 2. The tutorial was slightly longer than the 15 minute limit on YouTube, so I had to break it up.

The video itself is posted on my new YouTube channel, DonsDigitalFotoCrnr. You can view it there are directly from this page. It may be somewhat small here, but you can click on the expand button to see it full screen. It will not be very sharp viewing in the full screen mode, since the video is only started out as a 800×600 screen capture. Viewing it directly from the YouTube site probably provides the best quality.

Here is Part 1

Here is Part 2

Also, if you go to the YouTube site to watch the video, I would appreciate it if you would click on the Like/Dislike button. Actually I would rather you click on the Like button. Also, there is a place to leave comments. Please do so, if there is something like to say or ask.

Please rate this post using the icon provided for that near the top of the post. Finally, please post a comment here to let me know if posting video tutorials directly here rather than simply a link is better.

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