Cannot See the Menu Bar in the Photoshop Elements’ Organizer

This is a situation that may be present as soon as you install Photoshop Elements and run it for the first time, or it may mysteriously disappear at some point. All versions of Photoshop Elements require the screen resolution to be set 1024×768 or higher. In addition, the Windows font DPI setting must be set at 100% or 96 DPI. If the DPI is set at a larger size, for example 120 DPI, Elements does not have enough room to display the characters on the Menu Bar.

What has happened is that at some point you or another program has changed the font size to make the printing on the screen larger and easier to read. This video shows how you can easily reset the DPI setting back to its default. The video uses Vista, but the steps are the same in Windows 7.

     Changing Windows Font DPI

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6 thoughts on “Cannot See the Menu Bar in the Photoshop Elements’ Organizer

      • I am still using Elements 7.0 but expect to purchase 9.0 next year. I found it interesting that there is a drop down menu in the middle of the Top bar that really helps if you have a shortened view of the working page. This is a real convenience. On my Windows7 laptop I do have a small issue with the access to the “get photos” button when importing images. The frame cuts off most of the button at the bottom but I can still get it to work by clicking on the top edge – a minor annoyance.


  1. I checked the resolution and the factory default is 1366 x 768. With Windows 7 there is a vertical slider which looks like it will reduce the resolution if I pull it down.


    • If you can and just for fun, try setting it to something somewhat larger. The 768 is the minimum in the vertical direction. My laptop is also set like yours. It’s the largest setting I have on my laptop.


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