My Winter 2011 Class Schedules

Each one of the schools at which I teach digital photography classes have finalized their class offerings, mailed their catalogs and are accepting both online and walk-in registrations.

I continue to teach classes for PV NET that are not directly offered by either Torrance or the South Bay Adult School. For example, beginning in January, I will be teaching a class that is focused on taking and processing RAW images using the PSE 8 built-in Adobe Camera RAW Editor. Even if you do not shoot RAW, you will learn how to process JPEG images using the ACR editor. To find out more about this class and how to register, CLICK HERE.

To view the descriptions and schedule for the classes I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School, CLICK HERE.

I continue to teach all of my classes each term at Torrance. To see their descriptions and schedule for the Winter term, CLICK HERE.

None of the schools have upgraded to PSE 9 as of yet. However, this should not be an issue for those of you who have upgraded to the newest version. Almost every one of my handouts have been re-written for PSE 9. There are only a few differences from recent previous versions in the user interface and commands. Any significant differences are explained during class. The result is you should be able to directly apply what you learned in class at home regardless of what version of PSE you use.

One final note. For those of you who use Macs, PSE 9 now includes the Organizer, as well as the Editor. What that means is now the Organizing class at Torrance, for example, is directly applicable to Mac users.

2 thoughts on “My Winter 2011 Class Schedules

  1. Hi, I am in your class tonight at 5:30 in Torrance and I cannot find the latest powerpoint presentation, in fact your blog is not asking for my password, can you send the slides to my email tonight? Thanks


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