Quickly Find Your Slide Show Project

Have you ever made a slide show project in Photoshop Elements, saved it, then left it for a period of time, and have difficulty finding it again in the Organizer to continue working on it? This can be a common occurrence, especially if you have a large catalog and have added  a lot of pictures since you saved your slide show project.

True, when you first save it, it is in the top left position in the Thumbnail view of your Catalog. But as more and more pictures are added it hides itself in amongst your pictures. Yes, its thumbnail does have the Slide Show icon in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail, but it is difficult to see for many of us, since it looks similar to the symbols used to indicate Stacks and Version Sets.

Here is how I find my Slide Show projects quickly regardless of how old they are. From the Organizer, click on View > Media Types. All those types of media that are currently visible have a check by them in the dropdown list. I generally have check marks by each of the five types.

Media Types PSE 7

Assuming they are all visible, clicking on one of the types will remove the check, and that type of media will no longer be visible. This works fine, except you can only remove a single type each time you go to the dropdown list. However, each type of media has its own keyboard shortcut. To cycle the visibility of your images off/on, press Ctrl+1, for video clips, Ctrl+2, and so on.

So, assuming again that all of the media types are visible and you want to quickly locate your Slide Show project, press Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, and then Ctrl+3, to remove all of your images, videos, and audio files from view. You now should be able to quickly see your missing Slide Show project.

Once you find it, don’t forget to repeat the keyboard shortcut sequence so that all of your media files are again visible. And finally, you should periodically check to see that all of the desired media types are being displayed. Otherwise you may think that certain items are missing from your Catalog.

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