Digital Photography – Fall Classes

Class registration will begin shortly for the fall term at both the South Bay Adult School and the Torrance Adult School, while PV NET registration is already active.

I will be teaching two classes at PV NET this fall. The first one actually starts on August 23rd. These classes are not the same as those I teach at the other two schools. Here is the link to their description/schedule.

Below is the link to the description and schedule for the classes I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School.

And finally, the classes I will be teaching at the Torrance Adult School are shown at the link below.

I hope to see you in a class somewhere this fall.


2 thoughts on “Digital Photography – Fall Classes

  1. Don
    This is Dave Mendenhall and I am scheduled for your digital editing class at Torrance. I am working in Maui and due to come back but my flight was cancelled and I won’t be home untill Friday. I will miss your first class, but will be there after that.
    Thank you in advance
    Dave Mendenhall


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