Protect Your PC – A Tip

I received this in an email from Don Torlemke, the person who manges the Tech Garden at the South Bay Adult School.

Let’s see if I can make your day.  Money’s tight, so this advice should help:

  1. Don’t buy or renew antivirus/computer security programs.  Instead, use one of the following FREE options like I do at home and here in the Tech Garden:
  2. At home, if Time Warner (Roadrunner) is your Internet Service Provider, they provide you with a free security system; just visit their website to download it.  Call me if you need further assistance with this.
  3. If your ISP does not provide FREE security, then go to the link below and download a FREE security protection system for your Windows computer:

I thought it was good advice that we all could profit from, if for no other reason than to make sure our computer protection software is working properly and is up to date.

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