Starting off Right With Photoshop Elements 8

Photoshop Elements 8 comes with two new features that may be useful, but can cause new users some problems. These features are the Auto Analyze function and the ablilty to automatically backup your photos to and/or sync your catalog with another computer.

Both of these are a drain on your computer resources, and the backup/sync can cause a new user problems. I do not use either of these features, although I do use to share my photos.

I have included a short video here that demonstrates how to turn these features off if they are not already deactivated. First, open PSE 8 in the Organizer mode. Then on the Menu bar, click on Edit > Preferences > Backup/synchronization. CLICK HERE to view the video.

Even after you turn these features off, you will still get a message that pops up randomly on photos asking “Who’s this?” This can also be turned off by clicking on Edit > Preferences > Tags and Albums > People Recognition Hints > Hide.



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