Movie Maker and Windows 7

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 Those of you who have taken my Photo Projects class know that two of the programs we work with are Movie Maker and Photo Story 3. With the introduction of Windows 7, things are changing for these two programs. In the following I summarize a few of the points discussed in an article by PapaJohn,the well known exert/author regarding all things Movie Maker.

Starting with Photo Story 3, it appears that Vista is the end of the road for this program. It can not be installed on Windows 7. There is a way to get it to run in Windows 7, but it is not straightforward at all. I have it running on Win 7, but only because I did not do a complete reinstall when I upgraded to Win 7 from Vista.

For those of you who like/use Movie Maker, the situation is much better, but somewhat complicated.

It is clear that Live Movie Maker is the future. It’s part of the “Live” series of programs that Microsoft has introduced over the past couple of years. However as of right now, it does not have nearly all of the features that Movie Maker 2.1 (the flagship version) has yet. It can be downloaded for free.

Movie Maker 2.6, which can be downloaded for free runs on Win 7. However, it’s my understanding based on the referenced article, that it does not support acquiring video directly from a video camera, like Movie Maker 2.1 It does run on both Vista and Win 7.

Movie Maker 6 is the version that is part of the Vista operating system. It can be copied over to Win 7 and after some relatively complicated adjustments, I believe PapaJohn got it running on Win 7.

PapaJohn also got Movie Maker 2.1 to run on Windows 7, using some advanced computer magic. This is important, because it is this version that supports hundreds user written free profiles and effects. Eventually, similar user-written effects etc will be written for Win 7 compatible versions, but for now if someone is using these add-ins, the ability to continue using MM 2.1 in Win 7 is very important. I had loaded a few of these in MM 2.1 when I still had Win XP. I believe some are also working in Vista’s MM 6.

For most people, it seems the best path to follow is to download the free MM 2.6 for use in Win 7, or use Live Movie Maker, which is bound to have features added as time goes on.


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