Winter Class Schedules

 I now have my digital photography class schedules for the winter term for both the South Bay Adult School and the Torrance Adult School at Griffith. The easiest way to see the schedules from here is to click on their respective links in the Blogroll in the right column. The winter term starts in early January for both schools.

I will also be teaching classes at the PVNET Annex in January. Once I know the details, I will include a link.


2 thoughts on “Winter Class Schedules

  1. Hi, Don,
    I am enrolled in your class tomorrow at 12:30 to 2:30 P.M. I am really excited about the class since you gave a great class on Photo shop editing last quarter.
    I have a problem , however, for tomorrow’s class. There is something important I have to do and I will miss the first class.
    If there are handouts I can get online I would appreciate it very much. I will be there for the second class.
    Thank you.
    Erlinda Rojas


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