PSE 8 Recompose Tool

One of the more interesting new features in the PSE 8 Editor is the Recompose Tool. Basically this new tool allows you to crop from the center of an image. Or in other words, remove the space or objects between two people/objects of your photo. Here is a short demonstration on how to use this new feature. For best results, right click on the link below and select Save as….

Download the MOV file to your desktop or some other folder and play it from there.

PSE 8 Recompose Tool Tutorial

While you are here, take a look at the new class I’ll be teaching this month for PVNET.


4 thoughts on “PSE 8 Recompose Tool

  1. Don,

    Thanks for adding me to your email list. However, I can’t seem to find a calandar of your classes, date start, time and cost. I know it is here somewhere.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Bert Argo


  2. Bert,

    To see both Torrance and South Bay Adult School schedules go to my website and click on the Web Site link. There you will see the schedule for both schools. So far, I only know what it will be for the South Bay Adult School. I should know my Torrance schedule in a week or so.

    Fot the class starting on Nov 16th for PVNET, click on the Link in the left column of this blug for PVNET.



  3. Hi Don – Very nicely down tutorial – since it is in your usual slow and deliberate style , it’s very easy to follow and should be understandable to any level of viewer — there are lots of PSE tutorials on line but many of them cover too much material too rapidly and can be overwhelming.


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