Photoshop Elements 8 Organizer Overview

Below is a link to a video that provides a brief tour of the Organizer in PSE 8. Actually it’s not so brief. The video runs about 20 minutes. Like all of my videos, it is certainly rough around the edges, but hopefully it gives you an idea what the main differences and enhancements are in PSE 8.

The video should begin to play after a few seconds once you click on the link. I did notice that for some reason, my laptop did not show the play/pause button. This means I had to watch it all of the way through. However, my desktop did diplay the play/pause controls. I think it’s a resolution problem with my laptop.

I plan to do something similar to show you the changes and new features in the Editor of PSE 8.

Click here to play the video.

Again, please comment on it’s usefulness, problems viewing it or lack thereof, and any ideas you have for future videos.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements 8 Organizer Overview

  1. This was very helpful and I haven’t even installed PE * yet. Gives me an idea of what’s coming up, and since I have PE 3 now, I can see it’s going to be a big change. Won’t seem so daunting now that I’ve seen this, and I can come back to this after I’ve installed 8 and know a little mor about it. Thank!


  2. Dear Don
    I have a big problem with PSE 8 on Windows 7. I installed it on Drive C and wanted to import my pictures, which are on various folders on Drive F. It imports the pictures alright, but after closing and reopening the Organizer, the program insists the pictures are on Drive G – where they have never ever been!! I have deinstalled and reinstalled the program half a dozen times, to no avail. I could scream with rage!

    I googled and found a posting on Google groups from another person who has exactly the same problem – Organizer insists the pictures are on a different Drive letter.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Helene from Switzerland


    • Hi Helene,

      In order to better understand what is happening, I have a couple of questions. Is PSE 8 the first version you have installed on this PC or any other PC? Also, is the drive you have your pictures on an internal drive or is it an external drive? When viewed from Windows Explorer, what are the letter assignments for your drives on your Win 7 PC?

      You may want to email me your answers directly.



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