Video Removing Red Eye

Here is another one of my cruise-backup videos that demonstrates how to remove red eye. The video was made using PSE 6, but it is essentially the same using later versions. The video is showing the Red Eye Removal tool be used from the Quick Fix window, but it works the same when you access the tool from the Full Editor.

Also, I would suggest that to watch the video, right click on the link below. Then from the pop-up menu, select Save Target As and download the file to your Desktop. Once it is there,  double click on its icon. When the window appears, click on the play button in the center.  Click or better yet right click here.

Please leave a comment and let me know how your viewing of the video went, and whether or not it was helpful.




2 thoughts on “Video Removing Red Eye

  1. Red-eye Magic! Toolbars on the top of my screen covered up the Auto button as well as the Zoom button, but they will be on the screen when I actually do the same actions.


  2. Oren,

    If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, press F11 to maximize its window. That should reduce the Internet Explorer’s tool bars at the top of the screen allowing you to see the entire PSE screen in the video.



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