Getting the Most From This Blog

Some of you reading this may not be that familiar with reading blogs, or at least the way mine is laid out. So I thought it might be a good idea to orient you a bit. To begin with, blogs show the latest post on the top and older posts in reverse order as you scroll down the page. This is similar to how forums on the internet are organized.

At the bottom of each post or article there is link you can click on to leave a comment or a question. I encourage you to do exactly that if you have a question or a comment. I get an email message any time someone adds a comment.

Blogs can be laid out in any number of ways. In my blog, you will see Page tabs at the top. Pages can be used for a variety of things. I tend to use Pages for those articles and information that I do not want to scroll off the screen in time. For the past several months, I have devoted most of the pages to providing student handouts for the classes I’m currently teaching. These are password protected and will be locked or removed shortly now that school is over for me until the fall.

The Blogroll in the right hand pane is simply a list of some interesting web sites. I will probably be adding to my Blogroll soon. Since a blog is just a long list of articles, you need a quick way to get to previous articles of interest. One way to do this is the Calendar in the right pane. For a given month, those dates that are blue are dates when a post was added. Clicking on a blue date takes you directly to the article.

At the top of the left pane are links to the Pages. It is important to look here for a complete list of Pages, because only so many page tabs can fit across the top.  Below that are the Categories and Sub-Categories which I have assigned to each post or article. It’s a good way to quickly get to a post on a particular subject. Below the Categories are the Archives showing links to previous months.

Blogs are intended to be updated frequently. Due to my teaching schedule, mine does not get updated nearly as much as it should. However, now that it is summer, I should be able to update it much more often. I encourage you to check back periodically. For my students, this will be one of the first places you will see what my teaching schedule will be for the fall at both the Torrance Griffith Adult Center and the South Bay Adult School.

The Entries RSS  and Comments RSS links near the top left of the page, can be used to set up an email reminder/link back to the blog whenever a post has been updated or a new one added. The RSS Comments link will send an email whenever a comment has been added to a post. To set up an RSS feed is different in each browser and/or email program. The figure at this link, shows what you should see if you click on the Entries RSS button from the Internet Explorer browser. I use Outlook as my email program. When I subscribe to a given web site using the RSS feature, I get notices sent to an RSS folder, not my Inbox whenever that site/blog is updated.  Each browser and email program may require different steps to set up an RSS feed for a given web site or blog.

In a day or so, I will add my first post for the summer, a very quick yet effective wa to make a photo collage.  Stay tuned.


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