Kodak Negative Discs

Did you ever own a Disc Negative camera? In the 80s and for a few years, Kodak had a line of cameras that put  very small negatives onto a circular disk that resembles an old ViewMaster disk. Each disk had 15 pictures spaced around its circumference.

I had one of those cameras for awhile and ran across a few disks today. The negatives are so small, I could not even tell what was in the pictures. I first Googled to see if there are services that would transfer the images to a CD or at least print them. There are few places. My first thought was to send the disks I found today and have all of their images transferred to a CD.

I immediately went to Plan B once I discovered how mach that would cost. From my quick research, it appears that it would cost about $20 per Negative Disc. Here is the link to one company that provides such a service.


My Plan B was to scan the disks with my Epson V500 scanner. I put the disk into one of the larger negative holders that came with the scanner and used Vuescan to do the actual scanning.

Here is what a single frame scan looks like.


After cropping, straightening, etc in PSE 7, I was able to isolate images that are about the size from a 1-2 Mp camera. However, the quality is nowhere near that. The images will make a 4×6 print with reasonable quality and size wise are suitable for PC screen display or slide show DVDs. Below is an example of one of the pictures after enhancing it in PSe 7.


Now that I know how to do it, I will see what is on the other Disc Negatives I d found.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Kodak Negative Discs

  1. I have about ten of these circular disks, but do not have a scanner such as the one you use. I have a Canon MP500 printer/scanner.

    I don’t think I can use your technique on it? Any suggestions short of paying 20.00 per disk to print them?

    If I could see what is on them, it may be that I don’t even want them?

    Send any suggestions to Herb at paulocal@aol.com




    • Herb,
      I assume that your scanner does not scan 35 mm negs/slides. That being the case, maybe you could go to a Kinkos or somewhere and rent time on one of their scanners and try my technique. I’m glad that I did not invest in having each disk printed. As it turns out there were only a very few that were worth saving.

      I’m sorry I cannot be more help.

      Best of luck.


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