Pictures From Cabo San Lucas

Well, I just returned home from the Mexican Riviera cruise onboard the Norwegian Star. I was a guest lecturer on the seven day cruise where I talk about digital photography covering some basic hints for taking better pictures with a digital camera all the way to sharing your pictures with family and friends.

I used Photoshop Elements 6 for three of my four lecturers. Contrary to my last lecture gig, this time a fair number of people attended. The fact that three of them were on sea days may have had something to do with it. Nothing beats a captured audience. đŸ™‚

The link below is to a Photo Album I posted on

These are a few of my better pictures of Cabo San Lucas, our first stop.

I will post some other pictures soon from Mazatlan and Puerto Vallerta. If you look at this Gallery, make sure you select the right buttons on to see the pictures in a full screen mode. That is one off my primary reasons for posting on that site.

Until next time.


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