Backing Up and Restoring a Photoshop Elements 6 Catalog

Back in May I wrote instructions on one approach to move a PSE 6 Catalog from one location or PC to another (Original Article). It used the Backup and Restore commands to accomplish this. This particular article received far more comments that any other I have blogged. In addressing one of the comments, I provided a link to a quick and dirty video demo to help explain the steps. Well its quality left something to be desired. I am on my third (and for now final) iteration of this still quick and dirty and not very professional demo. Here is the link to this latest version.

The video itself is much better than my first two attempts. I still stumble at times in my narration. Hopefully this and the original article will be of some help. This basic technique has worked well for me.

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2 thoughts on “Backing Up and Restoring a Photoshop Elements 6 Catalog

  1. Is it possible to backup the catalog file without the actual image files being attached? My external hard drive was stolen before I ever backed up. I have close to 50,000 photos up on my catalog screen and am scared if I do anything I’ll lose everything and any chance I have at recovery.
    Thank you for any help you can provide.


    • Jill, I’m really sorry you lost all of the full resolution images you had on your external drive. As you know, you are only seeing their thumbnails or previews in the Organizer now. You can copy the folder that contains these thumbnails as well as the Catalog database itself to a safe place. You can find where the Catalog is stored by clicking on Help > System Info. It tells you the name of the folder where database and the thumbnails cach files are stored. Copy the entire folder to a safe place.

      That being said, without the original full resolution photos, these files are of limited use.

      I suspect this is not very helpful or comforting to you, but it is the best I can offer.


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