Photoshop Elements 7 Announced

As expected, Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 7. I say as expected, because for the last few cycles, they announce an upgrade in early September with availability in October or so. I have been beta testing PSE 7 since last February. I could tell by the beta testing activity that the testing cycle was nearing completion. I have also been participating on the beta test team for Premiere Elements 7, Adobe’s consumer video editing program, for the past several months. Adobe has chosen to skip the version numbers 5 & 6 for Premiere Elements to avoid the confusion that has bothered consumers. Now, both products will have their versions numbers in sync.

I found out about the announcement from a friend’s email that referenced an article in PC Magazine. There is also an announcement at Adobe also has a link to Photoshop Elements 7. In addition, to bringing out the new versions of these programs, Adobe has been featuring Photoshop Express Beta for the past several months. When Photoshop Elements 7 hits the stores, Photoshop Express will lose its beta designation and go prime time. One of the new main features of Photoshop Elements 7 will be its tight integration with Photoshop Express. I have been playing with Photoshop Express Beta. Linking it directly to Photoshop Elements should be popular to many users.

In the coming weeks, I will have more to say about all three new offerings from Adobe. I’ll wait until more details come out in the press or am officially released from the non-disclosure agreement I signed.

I can offer this somewhat obvious advice. If you were about to go out and buy PSE 6 or PRE 4, I would wait a bit longer. At the other end of the continuum, if you already have PSE 6 and/or PRE 4, I would not panic. Your programs are not obsolete.

Until next time…

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