More Student Photo Art

Here are some more examples of photo images transformed into works of art by one of my students, Judy Yao. They each start out as very nice photos. But then Judy uses a popular technique combining a watercolor and pen/ink drawing to transform them into something entirely different.

Here is a classic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


In this conversion Judy wanted to maintain some of the cable details during the conversion to a drawing.

DSC00321 ggbridge

In this next example of the Aquatic Park in San Francisco, Judy simplified the the structure supporting the Ghiradelli sign in the final simulated painting.


In this final example, Judy starts with a nice photo of the King’s village in Waikiki that might be similar to that taken by many tourists.


But she adds a lot of interest to the shot by converting it to a combined pen/ink and watercolor drawing.


Well, there you have a few more examples of just how one relatively simple technique can be used to add new life to a photograph using Photoshop Elements. Given the number of filters, brushes and related tools that are provided in the program, there is no limit to what can be done when you add your own imagination and interpretation to a scene you have captured with your camera.

Until next time,



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