Student Work – Photo Images To Art Work

Much of our class time is spent making good photo images significantly better or saving those that did not quite come out right when we took them. This week, I thought I would share some images from a student, Judy Yao, who converted some photos into artwork. The techniques she used were based on the general techniques she had learned in class.

I the first pair, Judy used Clone Stamp tool to remove the three people in photo taken at the Alamo. Then she applied pen-ink and watercolor combination effect technique without using any texture effect.

The Original



Final result:

DSC00037 alamo


For the picture of the grass, Judy started with a pen and ink rendering then adjusted the hue/saturation and then solarized the photo.

The Original:


Her final image.


For following image, Judy used pen and ink rendering and also applied a light fresco texture.

The Original



The Final Result.


This time, Judy started with a nice photo below of some daisies. This time she used the pen and ink technique but didn’t add any texture and then adjust the color and hue.


To end up in with the following image.


And for her final photo of a kettle shown below, Judy applied the basic pen-ink approach we learned in class.


The final image.


Starting with the basic techniques we learned in class, Judy has taken her already nice photographs to and entirely new level by converting them to works of art. The technique is relatively easy to apply, it just takes some creativity on the part of the photographer, as Judy’s images show to do this.


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