Another Student Photo

One of the key features of Photoshop Elements has been its assortment of selection tools. With each version, these tools have been expanded and improved. My favorite selection tool is the Selection Brush. Regardless of what tool I make my initial selection with I almost always fine tune it with the Selection Brush. The student picture below was actually a team effort being photographed by Judy Raffel and refined in Photoshop Elements 6 by Len Lipman. I’ll let Len explain how the final image came about.

Judy took this photo because she liked the pattern of the tea leaves in the glass, but the background of the shirts was very distracting. I used the Quick Select Tool of PSE 6, plus fine tuning with the Selection Brush to select out the background, which I then blurred with Gaussian blur. Note that I first tried to do this with PSE 4 on my Mac (PSE 6 for Mac will be released this weekend) and it was just about impossible to do a good selection because of the strongly curved cup handle and fingers. But Quick Select Tool was almost a miracle, making an almost perfect selection. This tool alone makes PSE 6 worthwhile. For Mac users like myself PSE 6 will have another huge advantage. PSE 4 is not stable with the new Mac Leopard Operating System and can abruptly fail, but PSE 6 (Mac) is written for Leopard.

Here is the original photo.


The final result.


Blurring the background really draws your eye to the glass and its leaf pattern.

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