Converting .MOV Files to .AVI – One Way

Many digital cameras can take movies also. They often save the video in a .mov file format, which is the Apple Quicktime format. Although Photoshop Elements can accept these files into the Organize and generally play them back through the Quicktime viewer, they can not be included in a slide show. Video files for slide shows must be either .wmv or .avi files. Also, Microsoft’s Movie Maker 2 can not accept .mov files either.

A workaround for the above situation is to convert the .mov files to a format that Elements and Movie Maker can accept. Being able to convert one video file format to another is a common need. Many file converters exist and some are free. The following free file converter is one such program that is pretty easy to use, at least for converting files. There may be some loss of quality, but it does get the job done.

The program is called RAD Video Tools. It can be downloaded from the following web site.

The name of the file is RadTools.exe. To download the file, click on the appropriate link. Your browser will ask whether you want to Run or Save it. Choose Save and proceed to download it to your computer. Run the install program from your computer.

The program is pretty easy to use, especially if you just simply want to convert a file. Here is a short video tutorial on how to do it.

Click on the following link to see the video.

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4 thoughts on “Converting .MOV Files to .AVI – One Way

  1. Chris,

    This a pretty old post. I have also come across .mov files that although RAD Tools converted them into a .avi file, PSE 8 would still not read them.

    Since this post, I’ve also tried Pazera, which is also free and available here.

    Now I’m experimernting with Streamclip, which is used bymany people.

    Believe me, I’m no expert in this area. Back when I wrote this post, I was concerned only about converting .mov to.avi, so I could include the video in PSE 8 slide shows. My students oftain have a desire to do this.

    However, I just bought a Canon 7D, wich takes full HD 1080p AVCHD video video packed in a .mov wrapper. Dealing with this format is really taxing me and my computer.

    Hopefully, Pazera or maybe Streamclip will meet your needs. I’m sorry RAD Tools did not pan out.



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