Student Photos Take 2

Well, I decided it was time to post a few more examples of work my students have done using a few of the techniques we cover in class. They all are examples that made use of the Clone Stamp Tool, Layers, and/or Selections. All of these students have attended classes at the Torrance Griffith Adult Center.

The first two are from Bill Clarkson.

Klein-Bottle-Before Bill Clarkson

The Original

Klein-Bottle Bill Clarkson - After

Using layers, selections and a linear gradient makes for a more pleasing photo that is now ready for eBay.

Bill also submitted the following two pictures of his dog, Gus.

Gus-2-Before Bill Clarkson

The original is shown above.

Gus-2 Bill Clarkson

Again, Bill has used selection and a color fill to eliminate the distracting background.

The Clone Stamp is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop Elements. Although new versions have added additional semi-automatic selection tools like the Magic Selection Brush, the basic Clone Stamp tool is still quite useful as shown in Mary White’s work below.

P1010091 Mary White- Bafore 

Mary’s Original

Here Mary used the Clone Stamp Tool to remove the unsightly drain pipe.


Here are two more examples from Laurel Woodley. In the first she uses a combination of selection tools, including the Selection Brush to make a good selection around the bird’s feathers before placing it on a less distracting background.

P5120335 Laurel 3-before

P5120335_edited-1 Laurel 3-after

Even with the tools provided by Photoshop Elements, it takes patience and some practice to select more difficult subjects.

In this final example, Laurel changes pace a bit by turning a photographic image into a colored pencil sketch. This transformation was done using a combination of layer blending modes.

P1290143 (2) Laurel 2-before 

The Original Photo

P1290143_edited-1 Laurel-2 -after

The Resulting Pencil Sketch

Well, that’s all for this installment. Don’t forget, if you are a current or former student of one of my classes, you are more than welcome to email me before and after examples of your pictures. I will periodically post them here. It’s a good way to let others see what you have done and what you have learned.

Until next time,



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