Using Microsoft’s Live Writer

This post is probably more for my benefit than for anyone who might read it. Up until now, my posts have been made using WordPress’ editor. Although it is reasonably friendly, it appears to do certain tasks and formatting you need to know HTML – I don’t. In reviewing some of my recent RSS feeds from Microsoft, I came across one talking about Live Writer. Live Writer is a free tool for writing blogs. It can be used with several of the popular blog hosting sites, of which WordPress is one.

I decided I would download it and see how it works for generating this post. What I discovered when downloading the program was that I already had it on my computer, along with some other components of Microsoft’s Live Windows suite. And I also discovered that I had already linked it to my Don’s Digital Photo Corner blog. I have a habit of downloading programs etc and then forgetting about them before I can find if they are useful or not. I have a backlog of these in my Downloads folder on my desktop. So little time, so many programs.

Using Vista’s Snipping Tool, I captured the right panel on Live Writer’s screen that shows tasks that I can do.


As long as I’m at it, I might as well show you what the Live Writer’s Menu bar looks like.


I am going to pause here and publish the post, or at least try to. OK. I’m back. I added the Category and Tag from the WordPress editor online. Now I am back to Live Writer working locally on my PC.

I am going to end this post now with the following thought you may want to consider. If you are currently posting pictures on the Internet, on a photo sharing site, you may want to consider a blog. For example, you could post your very best pictures on your blog which would give you a better forum to describe them and get comments back from your friends who view them. By the way, with most blog hosting sites, you can make it so your blog is visible only to those guests you invite.

See, I did finally get around to a digital photography in this post.



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