Should I Upgrade to Photoshop Elements 6

School started for me this week, so I have been asked this question several times. And besides, the local CostCo stores have a real good deal going on now using an easily obtainable coupon. I believe I was told the final price is $50 for PSE 6.

My first answer is generally, ‘it depends’, which does no one any good. If you are using Version 2 or 3, the answer is pretty simple in me mind. You should upgrade, assuming your computer meets the minimum specifications. The answer is not quite is simple if you are currently using PSE 4 or PSE 5. Depending upon how you use the program and how much you use the program, the answer will very.

Personally, I like PSE 6 and have upgraded to it for my personal photos. It has a whole new look (dark background like, Lightroom) and has some new editing tools etc. But it is not perfect. I hate to admint that, since I was on the beta test team for this version. Some of the problems reported by the smart people on the team were apparently not fixed before the release date.

As time goes on, I will have more to say on this subject. I am currently still working through some catalog conversion issues myself. Do not be overly concerned about Catalog conversion. For most of you, I suspect it will proceed without a hitch. I believe my situation may have been caused by my paricular Catalog structure, as well as some program problems.

My website has some comments about PSE 6 and converting the Catalog from earlier versions, as well as some excellent links to sites that describe its features. Rather than repeat the same thing here, I have added the link to the information on my web site. I will expand upon this general subject, especially the Catalog conversion subject in future blogs. Here is the link.


If you have been wondering whether or not to upgrade or just want to know more about PSE 6, check out the link. Please leave a comment with any of your own thoughts or experiences with PSE 6. By the way, there are other features to this blog site I am using regarding discussions etc. As I go along I will introduce them — as I learn how to use them.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Upgrade to Photoshop Elements 6

  1. i am a long time photoshop user, now using 5. i think that 6 will work for me but with 7 coming out. i need to think about it. i was a professional photographer for many years but since retiring i now shoot just for myself. i stopped using film and went totally digital, it has been an enjoyable trip. i can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. thanks. duane j.


  2. Duane,

    I have been on the Adobe Beta Test Team for PSE 7. I agree with you. You might as well wait until PSE 7 is available, and then decide whether you want to upgrade or not.

    Watch for my initial blog entry on PSE 7. It won’t be much, but I will add to it as time goes on.



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