Starting Off The New Year and New Blog

I was trying to think what I should have for my first post on my new blog. I decided to show off a sample of before and after photos from one of my students. Besides breaking the ice around my blog, it will also teach me how to go about adding photos to it.

During my classes, I encourage students to send me before/after pictures where they have used techniques we have covered in class. In the past, I have collected several of these, and then posted them on my web site. I will probably continue to do that, but it often takes some time to collect the photos and then get around to adding them to the site. Maybe this blog is a way to help me get them online quicker. We’ll see.

The first couple of pictures are from Laurel Woodley. She used the the mask on the Level Adjustment Layer of Photoshop Elements to correct a lighting problem we all have encountered. As Laurel put it,

I found this really “overexposed” background and followed today’s lesson to improve on it.  After getting this image in Venezuela I learned to use the fill-in flash the hard way.”


Above is the origianl

After Shadows/Highlights

The above photo resulted after using the mask on the Levels Adjustment Layer. Similar results are possibe using the Shadows/Highlights command.

Here are a couple of additional photos from Laurel. We were working on selections in class, and this was her first attempt on her own.




                  After Replacing the Background

Ok, see you next time.


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